Product Hunt Launch, Custom Dockerfiles and Directory Uploads from CLI

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Product Hunt Launch

We launched early access on Product Hunt yesterday 🚀 You can now signup and start using Unweave at We’ll be onboarding users one-by-one, over the next few weeks. You can schedule an onboarding call here, or wait for us to reach you in the queue.

Build Zepls from Custom Dockerfiles

Unweave will now auto detect if there’s a Dockerfile in your project directory and use it to build your environment. This means you’re no longer limited to Python projects! If you don’t have a Dockerfile handy, we’ll still build a default environment and install the dependencies in your requirements.txt file. This allows you greater flexibility on exactly how you want to run your code with Unweave.

FROM python:3.7

WORKDIR /home/unweave

ADD ./requirements.txt ./requirements.txt
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

ADD . .
CMD ["python", ""]

There are a couple of caveats to using your own Dockerfile:

  1. You must set the WORKDIR to /home/unweave,
  2. If you’re running a Python project, you must set the PYTHONUNBUFFERED=1 environment variable as shown in the example above. Otherwise, Python will wait for your process to exit before flushing out any logs.

Work with `uwstore` Directories from the CLI

The Unweave Store is remote-first by default. This means that the data in you uwstore lives in the cloud, and not on your local laptop. You can sync the uwstore to your local machine using the unweave store <download|upload> <path> command. Unweave will now automatically detect if the path you entered is a directory, and recursively download/upload all the files in it.

❯ unweave store upload ./uwstore/data/MNIST/

Uploading file MNIST/t10k-images Uploaded!
Uploading file MNIST/t10k-labels Uploaded!
Uploading file MNIST/train-images Uploaded!

❯ unweave store download data

t10k-images saved to ./uwstore/data/MNIST/t10k-images
t10k-labels saved to ./uwstore/data/MNIST/raw/t10k-labels
train-images 39.03 MiB / 44.86 MiB [============>-------] 5s ] 1.16 MiB/s

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