All new Dashboard, CLI Improvements and Live Logs

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Welcome to the second edition of the Unweave changelog. We’ve got a boatload of shiny things to kick off the weekend. So strap in!

All new Dashboard

Unweave finally gets a face this week with our all new Dashboard. So far, our open source CLI has been the star of the show, and the only way you could interact with Unweave. Our goal is to present you all the information you need about your machine learning models right at your fingertips. While the CLI is tried and tested tech, our dashboard updates you in real-time about the state of your training runs. With zero config on your part!

Improved CLI User Interface

Not to leave out the OG workhorse, the CLI also gets a facelift this week. You can now use the unweave zepls command to list all your zepl executions.

What’s a zepl you ask? It’s basically a REPL, except we Zip your code and execute it in an isolated serverless environment. Hence Zip Evaluate Print Loop (ZEPL) 🤠.

Live Log Tailing

There’s also a brand new unweave logs command in the mix. You can now live tail logs from a running zepl or fetch them from storage for an already exited one.

Early Access

We’re still in early access. If you’d like to be one of the first to try Unweave and help us shape the product, get in touch and we’ll get you setup asap ❤️