Connect Github, Create Project from Starter Templates and Much Faster Zepl Start Times

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Create Project from Starter Templates

Don’t have an ML project to test out with Unweave? We got you covered. You can now create a new Unweave project from one of our starter templates right from the Dashboard. Once you connect your GitHub account to Unweave, you can unlock our streamlined starter template flow. Unweave will create a private repository for you in your GitHub account and link it to a new project.

We have two starter templates to start off with:

  • MNIST - classifying handwritten digits; the Hello World of machine learning,
  • time-sequence-prediction - a template that uses generated data as an intro to neural nets.

Much Faster Warm Zepl Start-up

We’ve brought down the warm start time for CPU Zepls down from 25 seconds to 5 seconds flat! This makes running your code with Unweave way more interactive. You can make changes to your code and see the results within a few seconds⚡️. As usual, Unweave will automatically version everything you run, with zero additional config form you.

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