All new Unweave Store and Live Log Tailing on the Dashboard

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Welcome to the third edition of the Unweave changelog. Get ready for snappy new editions to the Unweave Dashboard!

Launching the Unweave Store

No, this is not the “get your ML, without the FML T-shirt” kind of store (that’s coming soon too).

The Unweave Store we’re launching this week is the last missing piece that lets you run end-to-end ML training workflows in Unweave.

The Unweave Store is like an S3 bucket mounted at the base of your Git repo. It’s remote first, which means you don’t have to download all your data to your local computer. You can access the uwstore from the code you run with Unweave (aka a zepl) at the ./uwstore/data/ path, relative to the base of your repo. Any data you save to the ./uwstore/output/ path from your training script will automatically be synced back to your Unweave project!

Currently, we support adding data to the uwstore directly from your computer. In the future, we’ll add a whole lot of integrations that make it easy as cake to add data to your project.

Live Log Tailing on Dashboard

In the last changelog we announced Live Log Tailing for the Unweave CLI. This week, the Dashboard joins in on the action! You can now watch that sweet, sweet training loss tick all the way to zero from the CLI or the Dashboard. Or race them and see which one is snappier 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Early Access

We’re still in early access. If you’d like to be one of the first to try Unweave and help us shape the product, get in touch and we’ll get you setup asap ❤️